Oxfordshire Doughnut Economics Collective

Working together for a thriving Oxfordshire

We envision Oxfordshire as a place where everyone’s needs can be met within the limits of our living planet.

But our current way of life is plunging increasing numbers of people across the globe into extreme poverty and now breaching all the safe limits of our ecological life support systems.

Doughnut Economics is proving to be an inspirational framework worldwide for action towards a socially fair and ecologically safe transition.

We are forming the Oxfordshire Doughnut Economics Collective: an open network of change makers who share this vision and would like to connect and explore putting Doughnut Economics into action across Oxfordshire’s bio-region.

Contact us at hello@oxfordshiredoughnut.com.

Previous Events

Doughnut Economics Workshop: Envisioning a thriving future for Oxfordshire

Friday 8th September 2023, 2 – 5pm South Oxford Community Centre, Lake St OX1 4RP

We are delighted that Kate Raworth, founder of Doughnut Economics, and Rob Shorter from her Doughnut Economics Action Lab (DEAL) will support us in applying this 21st century framework to look at Oxfordshire’s current challenges and to plan for a genuinely sustainable and fairer future.

The outcomes of the workshop will be presented to decision makers from OxLEP and Oxfordshire’s 6 Councils as evidence for an alternative approach to the current economic plan and as a mandate for change. 

To reserve your place email oxfordshiredoughnut@gmail.com 

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